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Cycle to work

Matt Hamm

Us folks at Supereight are big fans of cycling to work. At least I try to cycle everyday if possible. I sold my second car last year and never looked back. It saves money, keeps me fit and ready to go each day. It’s harder to keep it up in the winter months, but wearing the right warm gear helps a lot. I’ve just bought myself a Garmin 800 which will help me keep a track of my miles and routes. I’m also a big fan of Strava, there is a great community of cycling friends who have been encouraging me to go longer distances at the weekends. I nailed a 65 mile ride last Sunday, Witney to Cheltenham and back which last year I never thought I would be able to do.

I put together a ‘Cycling to work’ poster last month based on a print I had seen in the shop a bit further down the High street in Witney in preparation for a screen printing workshop. I hand-printed six 347x508mm posters.

We’d like to give a couple of posters away. Simply follow us @supereight on Twitter if you don’t already and when we reach 1000+ followers we’ll randomly select a a couple of followers and send them one of these lovely posters. Spread the word and good luck folks!


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